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SCAGSouthern California Association of Government
SCAGSelective Coronary Angiography (cardiology)
SCAGSouthampton City Art Gallery (UK)
SCAGScientific and Clinical Advances Group (London, UK)
SCAGStarcraft Addicted Gamers
SCAGSplinter Cell Anarchy Galore (working title of the sequel of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory)
SCAGSystem Configuration Advisory Group
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Scag sells its products through an independent network of dealers and distributors in North America.
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The lever has been positioned near the operator panel to allow for easier raising and locking of the deck, beneficial when climbing curbs or driving the mower on/off a trailer, Scag said.
In March, Palmdale appealed the SCAG decision, asserting that readily developable property was not available to accommodate such a large increase in population.
The proposed reduction in transportation revenues being contemplated in Sacramento have the potential of making matters significantly worse for Southern California," said Brea mayor and SCAG president Bev Perry.
Scag will begin offering the dual-fuel Turf Tiger mower in 2009 from its Mayville, Wis.
We'll have a seat at the table and provide input from a Valley perspective on regional issues,'' said Mitch Englander, chief of staff for Councilman Greig Smith, who pushed SCAG for the new status.
The 2011 SCAG Awards Jury complimented the City of Brawley and RBF for the comprehensiveness of the Downtown Brawley Specific Plan, which not only designated a variety of land uses and will revitalize Brawley's Main Street with a mix of uses, but also provides opportunities for open space, parks, alleys, paseos, and recreational uses.
Scag committee member, Christopher Ward, said: "It became clear that a great deal of the rubbish had been fly-tipped.
The midsized mower is targeted toward the professional landscape market but, according to Scag, is also used by larger property owners who are looking to save time and want professional results.
And not just because SCAG said so, but because it would vastly improve the quality of life throughout Southern California.
The State of the Region serves as an annual "Report Card" for the six-county SCAG region, rating its performance in seven policy categories, including mobility, employment, income, housing, air quality, safety and education.