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SCAISociety for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions
SCAIInstitute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (GMD, Germany)
SCAIScandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence
SCAISocietà di Consulenza Aziendale per l'informatica (Italian: Management Consulting Firm for Information Technology)
SCAISwitch-to-Computer Applications Interface
SCAISpace Command and Control Architectural Infrastructure
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10, 2015, shortly after the publication of this document, SCAI, the ACC and HRS will be submitting a multi-specialty comment letter to the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services regarding the recent draft National Coverage Determination for LAAO.
This was the first time that Mercedes-Benz Trucks has supplied vehicles to SCAI.
SCAI is equipping the trucks on-site with equipment for various construction applications.
Based on the recommendations outlined in this position statement, SCAI is advocating for:
He insisted that the SCAI was "not in any way promoting PCI without surgical backup," and maintained that the group still stands behind the joint guidelines of 2005, but he said it was time to establish quality standards for an increasingly common practice.
For more information on SCAI quality improvement tools, visit: http://www.
SCAI urges all patients and their physicians to consider the broad spectrum of care for treatment of cardiovascular disease, stressing that no single therapy is best for every patient.
In a letter to the agency, SCAI noted: "The decision severely limits patient access to carotid stenting in asymptomatic high surgical risk patients in need of carotid revascularization, thereby relegating them to one of two potential therapeutic courses: medical or surgical While we are strong supporters of aggressive medical therapy for all patients with or at risk of atherosclerotic disease, it remains unproven as to its effectiveness in high-surgical-risk patients, and therefore should not be designated as a default strategy.
SGI and SCAI also executed a new intercompany capital support agreement under which SGI, under certain circumstances, will purchase up to $100 million of additional SCAI surplus notes to bolster SCAI's statutory surplus if SCAI experiences adverse development in its insured portfolio or other events reduce SCAI's surplus below $100 million.
Note to Editors: SCAI Contact Available for Interview: Bonnie H.
The lunch symposium complements the commercial launch of Cook's Formula[TM] Balloon-Expandable Renal Stent System at SCAI 2011.