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OFris, OHG scalc, scalh 'servant'), was originally linked to the conceptual microcategory SERVANT as it was used in the sense 'serving man', while in alliterative poetry it acquired the status of a synonym of man documented from OE down to the beginning of the 16th century (OE > 1508).
Construct Measurement Characteristics Measure Scale Number of Reliability Description Items ([alpha]) [1] Ambiguity Regarding: Customers 7-point Likert scale 5 .80 Supervisor 7-point Likert scale 2 .79 Other Managers 7-point Likert scalc 4 .86 Promotion 7-point Likert scale 2 .85 Ethical Situations 7-point Likert scale 3 .89 Communication Characteristics Frequency 7-point Likert scale 2 .75 Informal Mode 7-point Likert scale 3 .80 Indirect Content 7-point Likert scale 2 .73 Bidirectionality 7-point Likert scale 3 .83 Measure Salesperson Sample Customer Service Sample Mean (Std.