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SCALEStudent Coalition for Action in Literacy Education
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SCALEShuttle Coherent Atmospheric LIDAR Experiment (NASA)
SCALEShort-term Commitment and Long-term Estimate
SCALESystem Characteristics and Assurance Level Evaluation (IEEE)
SCALESustainable Community based Approaches for Livelihoods Enhancement (India)
SCALESpecialization in Culture and Language Education
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Hence no one has ever composed a poem on a great scale in any other than heroic verse.
I place the transparent scale on this star-map, revolving the scale on the North Pole.
The values of a thousand years glitter on those scales, and thus speaketh the mightiest of all dragons: "All the values of things--glitter on me.
It was determined to scale this ridge, and seek a passage into the valley which must lie beyond.
There was with her a feeling of having descended in the social scale, with a corresponding sense of having risen in the spiritual.
The human eye is an imperfect instrument; its range is but a few octaves of the real 'chromatic scale.' I am not mad; there are colors that we cannot see.
For ever since those inventive but unscrupulous times when on the marble panellings of temples, the pedestals of statues, and on shields, medallions, cups, and coins, the dolphin was drawn in scales of chain-armor like Saladin's, and a helmeted head like St.
Such is the reasoning which an advocate for the Southern interests might employ on this subject; and although it may appear to be a little strained in some points, yet, on the whole, I must confess that it fully reconciles me to the scale of representation which the convention have established.
"'Four membranous wings covered with little colored scales of metallic appearance; mouth forming a rolled proboscis, produced by an elongation of the jaws, upon the sides of which are found the rudiments of mandibles and downy palpi; the inferior wings retained to the superior by a stiff hair; antennae in the form of an elongated club, prismatic; abdomen pointed, The Death's -- headed Sphinx has occasioned much terror among the vulgar, at times, by the melancholy kind of cry which it utters, and the insignia of death which it wears upon its corslet.'"
Iwanich bowed, loosened a scale from the body of the grateful beast, put it carefully away, and returned home.
Below these in the scale of evolution came the Bo-lu, or club-men, and then the Alus, who had no weapons and no language.
If these discoveries had been made after a lapse of sixteen centuries, under a layer of dust and ashes on a large scale, surely we might hope to meet with similar cases of preservation, after a lapse of three or four years only, under a layer of dust and ashes on a small scale.