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SCALEUPStudent Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (University of Central Florida)
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The trust, an independent network of founders and investors with a wealth of experience to help scaleups with maximum potential, will hold an official launch event later this year after hosting its first meeting this month with a vision to support and empower ambitious technology startups and scaleups across the region Its steering group includes Mr Watson and his friend and former CEO of Ignite and Campus North Paul Smith.
the main objective of this project is to develop through the lifetime of the project (9 months) basing on the scaleups analysis and the evaluation of current system tools and instruments, Recommendations for improvement of the scaleups development support system for entrepreneurship policy makers and specialized business environment institutions operating as scale-ups supporters followed by dissemination of gained knowledge and experiences.
The team has, over many years, enjoyed supporting and mentoring startups and scaleups at all stages, working closely with investors and providing in-depth legal support and advice from both the customer and supplier perspective.
Mr Pediredla said: "While start-ups are super important to the region, scaleups are the job creators and foundation of a great business ecosystem, becoming the large businesses of the future.
Station Ghent is designed to provide a village-style co-working space, together with a learning academy and an accelerator programme, all aimed at scaleups i.
Markets and customer behaviour change so fast nowadays that only highly responsive scaleups those that have a resilient team and use agile, modular methods will be able to succeed.
However, our research demonstrates how greater investment in management skills could signifi-cantly benefit start-ups and scaleups and help them realise their growth ambitions.
Microsoft has announced the joining of pan-European accelerator Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) to assist European startups transform into scaleups that can break the early-stage barriers to growth and development.