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SCALPSection Carrément Anti Le Pen (French, Anti-facist association, communist oriented)
SCALPStatus and Conservation of the Alpine Lynx Population (Alps)
SCALPSuit, Contamination Avoidance, Liquid Protection
SCALPSafe, Convenient and Legal Place (driving)
SCALPScenario-Determined Computer-Assisted Logistics Planning
SCALPSkin Connective Tissue Aponeurotica Loose Connective Tissue Pericranium
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They were regaled also with a war-feast at the village; the Osage warriors having returned from a successful foray against the loways, in which they had taken seven scalps.
The hostile disposition of the savages, and their allies, caused General Clark, the commandant at the Falls of the Ohio, immediately to begin an expedition with his own regiment, and the armed force of the country, against Pecaway, the principal town of the Shawanese, on a branch of Great Miami, which he finished with great success, took seventeen scalps, and burnt the town to ashes, with the loss of seventeen men.
In this expedition we took seven prisoners and five scalps, with the loss of only four men, two of whom were accidentally killed by our own army.
He played his part, too, like a man, for I saw him next day with thirteen scalps on his pole.
See," he added, pointing with fierce triumph to the frightful ornaments of his leggings, "their scalps are so plenty, that the Pawnees tread on them
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Many people are going to hair salons to get scalp treatment, but Neeta sets the record straight.
Use shampoos that contain aloe vera to keep dandruff away; it can have long-term repercussions on your scalp.
Unfortunately, not all of us are aware of the reasons behind summer-related health and scalp issues.
Antioxidants: Apply warm green tea (two bags brewed in one cup of water) on your scalp and leave this mixture on for an hour and then rinse.
Eucerin DermoCapillaire contains licorice extract in its calming shampoo and scalp treatment.
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy is new to North America, but it is currently sold in more than 40 countries.