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SCAMSCSI Configuration Automatically
SCAMSociété Civile des Auteurs Multimédia (France: Civil Society of Multimedia Authors)
SCAMSample Cartridge Automatic Exchange Mechanism
SCAMScsi Configured Automatically
SCAMSystem for Content or Article Management
SCAMScsi Configuration Automation Method
SCAMSource Code Analysis and Manipulation (IEEE International Workshop)
SCAMso-Called Alternative Medicine
SCAMsubstituted-cysteine-accessibility method
SCAMSouth Carolina Association of Magicians
SCAMSuperconducting camera
SCAMStandard Content Archive Management
SCAMSupreme Court and the Attitudinal Model
SCAMSuffolk College Alternative Music (radio station; UK)
SCAMScanning and Alarm Monitoring
SCAMSpare Capacity Assignment Model
SCAMSurveillance Control Alarm Maintenance
SCAMStructural Composite Armor Materials
SCAMState Coordination Management Council
SCAMSimple Cordless Alpha Monitor
SCAMStingy about giving out personal information, Check your financial information regularly, Ask periodically for a copy of your credit report, Maintain careful records of your banking and financial accounts (mnemonic to avoid identity theft)
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References in periodicals archive ? added: "We want people to use the service to report scams they know about, to ask for advice and support if they have been scammed, or just to chat through how they can best avoid scams, what warning signs to look out for etc.
This week BNZ is hosting Scam Savvy sessions in its branches and Partner Centres.
The ACCC has produced a series of videos with tips and tricks on how to spot a scam, and to test people's awareness of scams.
There are two primary ways the free amusement park ticket scam works.
However, the service won't just be for scam ads -- it will also help with email fraud such as antivirus and fake invoice messages; website scams like copycat sites; and investment scams which include buying non-existent stocks, shares and other investments such as rare wine or art.
"I'd ask all who recognise (scam adverts) to use the new Facebook reporting tool, to help protect those who don't," he added.
He also urged the public, even police officers, to be wary of such investment scams.
Critically, almost half of the people surveyed had taken no action to protect themselves against scams.
Discovered in 2013, the PDAF or pork barrel scam involved the funneling of solons' discretionary funds into bogus non-government organizations (NGO) for the implementation of equally bogus projects.
Everyday someone you know has been involved in a scam via phone, mail or on the internet.
| To pay PS3million to fund Citizens Advice Scam Action, a new project by the charity to fight online scams and provide support.