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SCAMPERSubstitute Combine Adapt Modify Put to Another Use Eliminate Reverse
SCAMPERShoddy Camper Actually Makes Perfect Emergency Rescuemabob (Kids Next Door show)
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With the exception of examples 16(b)-16(g), which are hypothetical versions of 16(a) introduced for the sake of discussion, all examples of skulk and scamper used in this paper are real instances of these verbs obtained from the Internet by means of WebCorp.
CHILD'S PLAY: Brain (Hayes), Igor (Cusack) and Scamper (Buscemi)
Off the mouse siblings scamper to play in the blowing snow for Christmas Day.
Secondly, the few brave souls I see scampering into the sea on Boxing Day spend a few minutes up to their knees and then scamper out again.
Down: 1 Atrocity; 2 Sum; 3 Equal; 4 Segment; 5 Ruin; 6 Pegs; 7 Paid; 11 Awry; 12 Jill; 13 Jamaican; 15 Scamper; 18 Madam; 19 Need; 20 Atom; 21 Pawn; 24 Hoe.
A WALK IN THE PARK A walk in the park on a snowy day reveals sparkling magic for all to behold Squirrels finding nuts and happy at play enjoying hide-and-seek and acting so bold They scamper quickly from tree to tree so adept at climbing the bark As snow is shaken off the branches you see they are quietly looking down on you in the park.
Then, as the story goes, an employee of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents was having lunch when he saw a small furry animal stop at a kerb, look both ways and scamper across the road.
Spens's leading essay is a quick scamper through the century's more interesting high points without, praise be to all the spirits of the Wild Wood, a single mention of Gertrude Jekyll.
Meanwhile, some members of Congress just pulled a doozy of a flip-flop, one that may just scamper down the memory hole thanks to our new definition of free speech.
The February 1st Tampa Tribune reported that Castellano laid on the girls in an attempt to protect them, then tried to hinder the dogs so the girls could scamper to a bedroom.
They are encircled by five dogs who seem to scamper about excitedly.
The bullets grazed his left torso and right hand, enabling Ramos to scamper towards his house, Cabreros said.