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SCAMSScanning Microwave Spectrometer
SCAMSSenior Counselors Against Medicare Swindlers (California HICAP Association)
SCAMSSecurity Combat Automated Management Subsystem
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Young and old, and people from all backgrounds are taken in by increasingly sophisticated scams.
In addition, the SCAMwatch website is acting as the Internet portal for the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce's annual scam awareness campaign, which starts in March, coinciding with the global fraud prevention month.
It offers tips for spotting fraud and provides information on the latest scams.
The increase in foreclosures and equity-stripping scams is actually rooted in the sharp rise of subprime loans to Blacks and Latinos.
Anderson said most of the people victimized by these sorts of scams can ill afford to lose thousands of dollars.
The research, for the Office of Fair Trading, showed 56% of people with partners have been targeted by scams, compared with 43% of single people.
Other technology solutions and techniques also are being used to guard against phishing scams, said Litan.
Similarly, an annuity scam process typically begins through relentless marketing efforts by an insurance agent.
n Premium rate telephone number scams - a scam whereby you call a premium rate 090 number to claim your prize.
Phishing scams usually arrive as spam email, mimicking the style and logos of well-known internet brands, and contain links to web sites mocked up to look like the real thing and ask users to enter credit card information.
Nine out of ten of the scams start with a letter from a foreigner falsely claiming that a contract--usually with the government--has been purposely "overinvoiced," necessitating the money be secreted out of the country.
Not a word about the most pernicious use of the Internet: the scam.