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SCAMSScanning Microwave Spectrometer
SCAMSSenior Counselors Against Medicare Swindlers (California HICAP Association)
SCAMSSecurity Combat Automated Management Subsystem
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"This particular tool we are launching today is an online chat service that offers people advice specifically about online scams. We have found that many people feel embarrassed or not very confident about talking about their experience of scams, so we hope the option of doing it online will make it a bit easier."
more than half of Kiwis (58%) who fall victim to scams do not report the crime
These scams are prominent on social media, with 'Facebook lottery' scams, the 'Loom' pyramid scheme, and cryptocurrency scams particularly common.
Much like the free ticket scam, free amusement park ticket online travel scams looks to glean travellers' personal information in exchange for a free amusement park ticket.
Scam adverts often use fake celebrity images or endorsements to dupe people into buying false products and services, such as Bitcoin trading schemes and diet pills.
'Ang panawagan natin sa lahat na naging bahagi ng investment scam na ito ay makipagtulungan po sa ating awtoridad,' Banac said in a press briefing at Camp Crame.
Mr Davies said: "More and more people are falling victim to scams, crooks and fraudsters who use increasingly sophisticated ways to con innocent people.
Action Fraud reports show that, on average, victims were each scammed out of PS14,600 through forex and crypto scams in 2018-19.
Local authorities believe the calls are part of a scam known as a wangiri scam, or one-ring phone scam, where an individual's phone will ring only once in an attempt to get the individual to call the number back, resulting in charges for high international rates or connection fees.
Everyday someone you know has been involved in a scam via phone, mail or on the internet.