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SCANScottish Archive Network
SCANStop Child Abuse Now
SCANSocial Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (journal; Oxford)
SCANSpace Communications and Navigation (US NASA)
SCANSuspected Child Abuse and Neglect
SCANShared Check Authorization Network
SCANScientific Committee on Animal Nutrition
SCANSelected Current Aerospace Notices
SCANStates of California and Nevada
SCANSchedule for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry
SCANSwitched Circuit Automatic Network
SCANSystem for Convection Analysis and Nowcasting (US NWS)
SCANSurvey, Consider, Analyze, Notify (ExxonMobile hazard recognition)
SCANShipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (USPS)
SCANShuttle Connector Analysis Network (US NASA)
SCANSpeciality Center Acquisitions, NAVFAC
SCANSecure Cops Alert Network
SCANSilica-Coated Aluminum Nitride
SCANSupplier Corrective Action Notice
SCANSelf-Correcting Automatic Navigation
SCANSimulated Comprehensive Air Navigation
SCANSomerville-Cambridge Aging Network (Massachusetts)
SCANStreamlined Senior Correlation Analyst
SCANSpecial Customer Agreement Number
SCANSmall Customer Access Node
SCANSouthwest Community Action Network (Berea, Ohio)
SCANScientific Computing Arithmetic and Validated Numerics (IEEE conference)
SCANSecure Communications in ATM Network
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"Versatile Imaging Technology" guarantees high quality scan image of bound books and A3-size documents
Designed to integrate with existing CCTV trucks, data from the Electro Scan probe is fed back via the truck's existing cable to Electro Scan's proprietary control unit, and then uploaded to the Electro Scan Cloud.
Two-thirds of the patients believed their scan was definitely necessary and would benefit their health, and 84 percent said their doctors had explained the reason for the scan.
Geometrical scan resolution should be optimal--as high as necessary and as low as possible.
If you really do not wish to know if the baby has an abnormality, you may not need this scan. About half of the major abnormalities which cause serious difficulties will be seen on a scan and half will be unseen.
C HILDREN undergoing life-saving CT scans could triple the risk of developing leukaemia and brain tumours, North East scientists have warned.
According to the company, its Certified PCI Scan Service allows merchants to schedule an automated network scan that verifies PCI DSS compliance and provides all required executive and technical reports.
GPs have been told to ration the number of patients they send for scans in order to save the NHS money.
"Clinicians will have to be careful to take the entire pattern of the brain scan into account," Dr.
Scanning paper is normally a tedious process with each page having to be inserted into a flat-bed scanner, but the team led by professor Masatoshi Ishikawa use a high speed camera that takes 500 pictures a second to scan pages as they are flipped.
HUNDREDS of expectant mothers in Merseyside have had their pregnancy scans delayed.
But to take full advantage of boundary scan testing, boundary scan must be a required design element and not a nice-to-have add-on.