SCANOAutomatic Scanning Unit Out of Service
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Com recurso do programa SIMI 2000 (Junique, Barbry, Scano, Zeliger, & Verges, 2002) foram verificadas as coocorrencias das palavras mais evocadas pelos participantes do estudo.
Petro Staffing Group LLC (PSG), a subsidiary of NYTEX Energy Holdings Inc (OTCQB:NYTE), on Thursday named Kerri Scano as its new EVP.
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Theresa (Grzyb) Scott, 88, of Worcester died peacefully in Christopher House, 10 Mary Scano Drive on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.
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In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the Activities fund, care of Christopher House, 10 Mary Scano Dr., Worcester, MA
From Italy comes the CD Latin Jazz Lounge (Morrocoy), by Ascanio Scano. The disc was sent by DJ Pietro Carbogani (, who has functioned as a huge pioneer (on his Italy-based website and radio shows) for giving exposure not only to salsa and Latin jazz, but to other forms of world music.