SCANSARScanning Synthetic Aperture Radar
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Dans le cadre de cette etude, nous avons utilise des images de RADARSAT-1 et de RADARSAT-2 ScanSAR Wide afin de reperer les cretes manuellement dans un couloir de navigation hivernal du detroit d'Hudson pour la periode allant de 1997 a 2012.
Similar to conventional ScanSAR, the antenna elevation beam is periodically switched from subswath to subswath to achieve wide swath coverage illumination.
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SAR images with 30 m and 100 m pixel resolution, respectively from ERS-2 and RADARSAT ScanSAR (Canadian Space Agency), were acquired through a data acquisition request processed by the ASF.
A total of 1,227 RADARSAT-2 ScanSAR Narrow A images (C-Band, VV polarization, 300 km by 300 km) were provided to the SOIN team by MetOc Halifax.
While obtaining large imaging swath, ScanSAR mode [7] is proposed in which the antenna directivity is fixed, swapping between different strips.
An effective solution for wide-swath imaging is ScanSAR [3,4], which increases the unambiguous swath width at the cost of an impaired resolution, whereas spotlight mode [5,6] can provide high resolution but with a limited coverage.
Most were obtained in the ScanSAR mode, with swath widths of 500 km and resolutions of 100 x 100 m, although special investigations (e.g., Budkewitsch et al., 1999) have yielded a modest number of higher-resolution scenes, particularly for the Expedition Fiord area and for the Wolf Fiord area in southern AHI.
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