SCANZSociety of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand
SCANZSolar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand (art symposium)
SCANZSurface Coatings Association New Zealand
SCANZScience Communicators Association of New Zealand
SCANZSupply Chain Association of New Zealand
SCANZSporting Clubs Association of NZ Inc.
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"In the past, Scanz always wanted to be on the right, but now he is happy on the left as well.
Scanz works on the same premise as a moblie phone and picks up signals from cameras around the ground.
Unleashing Hidden Potential" SCANZ Conference, visit
Scanz picks up signals from cameras at the four corners of the ground and beams back pictures to a hand-held screen.
SFA refereeing development officer George Cumming shot down claims that Scanz would soon make its debut here.
"Duane is direct and worries opponents, Scanz can hurt anyone in the Championship, never mind the Conference, and Cristian helped us open them up.
Clifford Schoff (Mattiello Lecture and Publications); and representatives from overseas technical organizations, OCCA General Secretary Christopher Pacey-Day and Assistant General Secretary Yvonne Waterman, and SCANZ Secretary Peter Cotton.
For more information, contact SCANZ at:
At the meeting, the Secretariat of the organization was transferred from UK-based OCCA to the New Zealand group, SCANZ. In addition, updated CSI Rules (Principles of Organization) and a new logo were adopted by the group.
In addition to FSCT, representatives from FATIPEC (Federation d'Association des Technicians des Peintures, Vernis, Emaux et d'Imprimerie de I'Europe Continentale); JSCM (Japan Society of Colour Materials); OCCA (Oil & Colour Chemists' Association; SLF (Skandinaviska Lackteknikers Forbund; SCAA (Surface Coatings Association Australia; and SCANZ (Surface Coatings Association New Zealand) meet regularly to pursue common goals.
To present a paper or register to attend the conference, contact SCANZ at:
July 28-30: SCANZ Annual Conference, Napier, New Zealand.