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SCAPEScottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion (est. 2000; UK)
SCAPESelf-Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble
SCAPEState Council on Adapted Physical Education (California)
SCAPESociety of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators (Australia)
SCAPEStudy of Cultural Adaptations in the Canadian Prairie Ecozone
SCAPESIGINT Control and Processing Element
SCAPESystem Compatibility & Performance Evaluation
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Mark Robinson, Scape Group Chief Executive said: 'Scape is proud to be working in partnership with Balfour Beatty and Learn Live to inspire the next generation and ensure that our future workforce is full of talented, vibrant individuals who will drive forward the innovation we need to support the UK's construction needs.
Scape affords a stunning view of the Burj Al Arab, but your smartphone may struggle to fully get it in
Currently the winery is only accepting City Scape Wine bottles purchased directly from the winery or other local area stores.
The different and similar anatomical characters in the leaf and scape were determined and the taxa were classified into three groups; such as (1) S.
This particular software combines virtual reality with photography and allows users to create virtual and shareable "scapes" of their surroundings.
Yook, who founded InSilico with Keith, said he thinks SCAPE can replace existing services like Google's email and document programs, which let multiple people communicate and give feedback on projects.
The contract is a regional framework arrangement for empa - the East Midlands Property Alliance - which is managed by Scape.
The term "scape" is borrowed from Arjun Appadurai's essay "Disjuncture and difference in the global cultural economy" (1996) that popularized the idea of "global cultural flows" and categorized them into ethnoscapes, technoscapes, mediascapes, ideoscapes and financescapes.
Midland developers Willmott Dixon have fought off fierce competition from a string of national rivals to land the PS1 billion plus Scape major frameworks contract.
The Scape deal marks the country's most prized sole contractor framework, and lasts for four years.
The European Union (EU) has granted Togo 22.5 million Euros (about 14.7 billion CFA francs) to help the West African nation implement its Accelerated Growth and Promotion of Employment Strategy (SCAPE), the EU said in a statement, made available to PANA here Monday.