SCAPPStandardized Camouflage Paint Pattern
SCAPPSenate Committee on Academic Policy and Planning (University of Northern British Columbia; Canada)
SCAPPStandardized Camouflage Pattern Plan
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Though tongue-and-cheek, the above excerpt exemplifies well the candid approach Scapp takes in arguing for educational leadership as critical practice.
2), Scapp argues, has been grafted onto educational leadership literature; the reference to cliche rather than theory and praxis is the pestilence that has "worked against education as the practice of freedom" (p.
In the first chapter, Scapp identifies educational administrators as part of a "circuitry of power" (p.
Read another way, however, Scapp cleverly works the double entendre of the book's title into his introduction.
The moral imperative of critical dialogue within the context of postmodernism that Scapp advocates in the subsequent chapters is a theme to which he is obviously committed (see Scapp, 2003).
In fact, all the dialogues hooks has held so far are with folks she respects and fundamentally agrees with: Cornel West, Ron Scapp and Marie France Alderman.
The complaints against the AVN serve a similar function, and can be called Strategic Complaints Against Public Participation, or SCAPPs. (15) When the AVN is forced to respond to complaints, this takes up time, money, and effort that could otherwise be used for campaigning, and discourages many AVN members from commenting freely on the issues.
In the face of SCAPPs, relying on formal channels is a losing proposition, because it soaks up time and energy that could otherwise be used for the goals of the practitioner or organization.
Note that SCAPPs serve to move an issue from one forum to another, typically from a forum of debate and policy to one of law, procedure, and process.
Reduce vulnerabilities: The AVN was vulnerable to SCAPPs because it was an incorporated body and hence subject to various government regulations.
Given the power of SCAPPs to cripple an organization, it is worth thinking how these might be avoided.