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SCARScientific Committee On Antarctic Research
SCARSquadra Corse Alfa Romeo (game)
SCARSPIE (Source Path Isolation Engine) Collection and Reduction Agent
SCARSociety for Computer Applications in Radiology
SCARSequence-Characterized Amplified Region
SCARSmall Claims Assessment Review
SCARSupplier Corrective Action Request (Lucas Aerospace)
SCARSouth Carolina Association of REALTORS
SCARStanding Committee on Agricultural Research
SCARSpecial Forces Combat Assault Rifle
SCARSpace Coast Association of Realtors
SCARStrike Coordination and Reconnaissance (DOD doctrine for joint fire support)
SCARSuppressor of Camp Receptor
SCARSouth Coast Against Roadbuilding (UK)
SCARSuspected Child Abuse Report
SCARSemantic Content Acquisition and Representation (workshop)
SCARStrike Control And Reconnaissance
SCARScientific Commission on Antarctic Research (UK)
SCARSupersonic Cruise Aircraft Research
SCARSaskatchewan Coalition against Racism (Canada)
SCARStrathclyde Conflict and Resolution
SCARSmoke, Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation (experiment)
SCARSecurity Clearance Access Roster
SCARSouthwest Commercial Auto Recovery
SCARSatellite Communications Applications Research (program)
SCARSun Cities Animal Rescue (Glendale, AZ)
SCARSenate Committee on Agenda and Rules
SCARStrike Chart of Autonomic Response
SCARShoot Compared to Auto-Rune
SCARSoftware Configuration Accounting Report
SCARSubcontractor Corrective Action Report
SCARSOF (Special Operation Forces) Combat Assault Rifle (USA/Belgium)
SCARSouthern California Abyssinian Rescue (Whittier, CA)
SCARSupport, Collection, Assessment and Reporting
SCARSelf Contained Armed Reconnaissance
SCARSociété de Construction Automobile de Reims (French: Society of Automobile Construction of Reims; Reims, France)
SCARSignal Characterization And Recognition
SCARSubsequent Contract Application Review
SCARSuper Cheap Artificial Retina
References in classic literature ?
The painter hadn't made the scar, but I made it; and there it was, coming and going; now confined to the upper lip as I had seen it at dinner, and now showing the whole extent of the wound inflicted by the hammer, as I had seen it when she was passionate.
Ulysses sat by the fire, but ere long he turned away from the light, for it occurred to him that when the old woman had hold of his leg she would recognise a certain scar which it bore, whereon the whole truth would come out.
Yesterday the scar itched, and after fifty years I recalled how it was dealt and the face of him who dealt it; dwelling a little in illusion.
Here stand I, William of the Scar, against any man.
He caught me once fairly in the shoulder--I carry the scar yet, and shall carry it to the grave.
Slowly the point of the arrow drooped; the scar upon the brown forehead faded; the bowstring relaxed; and Tarzan of the Apes, with bowed head, turned sadly into the jungle toward the village of the Waziri.
Here, part way up the eastern wall of Sonoma Valley, in range of a line intersecting the little village of Glen Ellen, he made out a scar upon a hillside.
Then she asked tentatively about the scar on his cheek.
And with a fresh-brimmed glass, Charles Stough Greanleaf narrated the history of his scars.
The man was older, dark, with an evil face made more forbidding by a long scar extending from near the left temple diagonally downward into the black mustache; though in my dreams it seemed rather to haunt the face as a thing apart--I can express it no otherwise--than to belong to it.
He had a scar on his forehead, which did not so much injure his beauty as it denoted his valour (for he was a half-pay officer).
He was troubled from time to time with a dry hacking cough, and when he put up his white right hand to his mouth, he showed the red scar of an old wound across the back of it.