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SCARASelective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (Rhino Robotics Ltd.)
SCARASelectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm
SCARASouthern Counties Amateur Radio Association (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)
SCARASiskiyou County Amateur Radio Association (Siskiyou County, California)
SCARASchedule, Cost, And Risk Assessment
SCARASociété Coopérative Agricole de la Région d'Arcis sur Aube (France)
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Articulated - Cartesian - SCARA - DeltaSegmentation of the industrial robotics market in the food and beverage industry by application
Pertinent data: The SCARA robots are available with 3-, 6-, 12-, and 20-kg payload capacities.
A replacement for the old TH650 model, this SCARA is a visual triumph of industrial design and has the same footprint as the previous version, which means more power in the same sized package.
The advantages of a vertically articulated robot compared to a SCARA are its flexibility and dexterity.
At this point, it's worth mentioning in passing the 5-axis robot, which has a similar articulate geometry, but without the rotating wrist joint; this actually offers little more functionality than a SCARA and, given the price differential, means that we rarely specify a 5-axis machine.
The deal with Stewart's is another significant step forward for Scara Brothers, which began creating Italian ices during the early 1990's.
The distributor, founded in 1988, concentrates on the semiconductor industry and will specialize in Adept vision systems as well as its SCARA (selective compliance robotic arm for assembly) robots.
Eli Goldschmiedt, who joins Amherst from JPMorgan Securities; Michael Scara and Michael Scanlon, who both most recently worked at Countrywide Capital Markets; and Konrad Kothmann, who previously was at Bear Stearns.
The new 5-kg capacity compact gantry robots feature a ceiling-mounted, flexible SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian robot.
The parallel link structure allows higher speeds and greater accuracy than conventional SCARA type assembly arms.
The launch represents a significant development in the automation market, because Toshiba Machine is now one of the only major players in the industry to offer a complete range of robot technologies - SCARA, Cartesian and six-axis.
When it comes to assembly applications for light payload applications, SCARA robots--not a brand, but an acronym: Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm-have long been the choice.