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SCARPSchool of Community and Regional Planning (Canada)
SCARPSalinity Control & Reclamation Programme (Pakistan)
SCARPStructured Capital-at-Risk Product (UK)
SCARPStudent Coalition Against Racial Profiling (Brooklyn, NY)
SCARPSymposium for Cybernetics Annual Research Projects (Cybernetics, School of Systems Engineering; University of Reading; UK)
SCARPSanta Clara Arundo Removal Plan (Ventura County Resource Conservation District; California)
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This is close enough to tentatively attribute the quakes to the faults, since modeling by the team shows that this is the distance over which strong shaking is expected to occur, given the size of these fault scarps. Additionally, the new analysis found that six of the eight quakes happened when the Moon was at or near its apogee, the farthest point from Earth in its orbit.
The chairman of the Sindh judicial water commission should take action and constitute an inquiry into SCARP irrigation policies in Sindh.
The scarp of the landslide is mainly consists of weathered sandstone, siltstone, shale, and claystone of Murree Formation of Miocene age (Fig.6c).
They discovered that it is bound by two large scarps - probably created when one side of a geological fault moved vertically with respect to another.
This resulted in about 70 pipes being selected as the most suitable--well within the manufacturing tolerance--for the Jansz Scarp Crossing pipeline.
The main soil collection and analysis activities conducted by SCARP were completed on soil collected from the 0-10, 10-20 and 20-30cm soil layers of farmer managed paddocks.
A couple of private miners in Odisha have cut rates for high grade sized ores."Iron ore lumps have poor demand these days as our prime consumers sponge iron makers have curbed orders because steel makers are preffering imported scarps instead of sponge iron as raw material these days," said an official of Rungta Sons.Due to huge availability of steel scarp from African and Middle East countries amid falling prices, Indian steel makers opted for the metal scrap to produce steel.According to an estimate by Metal Recycling Association of India (MRAI), India would have imported 7.5 million tonne of steel scrap in 2012-13, up by 25%.
This isn't just a collection of well-known and often-discussed landforms, but includes smaller locales often overlooked but equally important, geologically speaking, from the Reelfoot scarp in Tennessee to Louisiana's Avery Island, which features an 8.5-mile high column of salt.
Partly an exploration of 'the energies that underpin the disparate phenomena of the stockbroker belt' and partly a hymn to the poetry of derelict filling stations and the views from high-rise car parks, Scarp could have been pretentious, self-indulgent tripe, but the breadth of Papadimitriou's imagination and his empathy with the landscape mean that it's anything but.
The Financial Services Authority said Credit Suisse UK customers were exposed to an "unacceptable risk" of being sold a structured capital at risk product (Scarp) that was unsuitable for them.