SCAUSouth China Agricultural University
SCAUSurrey County Archaeological Unit (Surrey History Centre; Surrey, UK)
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Liu Qingting of College of Engineering, SCAU, Associate Prof.
Zhang Zhike, College of Horticulture of SCAU briefed about the working relations and opportunity to sign MoUs with SAU, saying they have come to see the work this university is doing in the field of research.
Master student (since 2010), Department of Applied Chemistry, SCAU, Guangzhou, China.
HLB-infected Citrus reticulata Blanco bud scions were collected from the Citrus Huanglongbing Research Laboratory at SCAU and grafted to 1 group of plants for inoculation with the HLB bacterium.
In order to detect the effects of different IGFBP-1 genotypes on production performance traits, we also investigated one population family of Lantang x Landrace (n = 172, gifted by Professor Chen Yaosheng, SCAU, China).