SCAYState College Area YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) (Pennsylvania)
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(34) Ronsard, 1560 (Preface): "comme doucement ravy, et je ne scay comment derobe hors de soy," "abastardiz en ce corps mortel," and "celeste armonie du ciel." The preface was revised for a new edition of the book in 1572, just as Gohory was most active in contributing liminary material to the firm's productions.
Competition winners will win a pair of tickets on one leg of the tour, which includes a Champagne flight reaching twice the speed of sound over the Bay of B i scay.
(7) He can conceal things under the guise of their opposites: "Le noir en blanc ainsi scay convertir, / Car ma fureur en zelle je desguyse" ("I cleverly make what is black look white, / Because I cloak my wrath in piety").
Je scay bien, quand j'oy quelqu'un qui s'arreste an langage des Essais, que j'aimeroye mieux qu'il s'en teust.
To a certain extent, there is a picaresque component in every travel; even Montaigne, who would not be accused of this weakness, cannot always justify his wanderings ("Je scay bien ce que je fuis, mais non pas ce que je cherche," Essais, III, 9).
The Duke, "se mordant l'ungle [biting his fingernail] speaks in fury: "Or bien, puisque je ne treuve en vous nulle amitye, je scay que j'ay a faire [Well then, since I do not find any friendship in you, I know what I have to do]" (91).
Je ne scay pas, messieurs, que vous direz, Encore moins ne scay que penserez (Vous qui tousjours pensez plus que ne dites) Quand vous lirez les raisons qu'ay deduites En condamnant le meslinge que font Tous nos Francois qui vos mots contrefont
In this Opera, Miss Ame, an Undertaker's(10) Daughter near Covent-Garden, appear'd in a most amiable Light, to the great Delight and Surprize of the whole Town, she is very young, and very pretty; and has made innumerable Conquests, her Voice is exceedingly small, but exceeding sweet; she Sings perfectly in Tune, and her manner is entirely modern; she has such a Warble, such a je ne scay quoy, as tickles my very Soul; and yet there are some Brutes, that because she is English, are angry with themselves for liking her in spite of Prejudice.