SCBLSpamCop Blocking List
SCBLSouthern Collegiate Baseball League
SCBLScotts Bluff National Monument (US National Park Service)
SCBLSudan Campaign to Ban Landmines
SCBLStrait Crossing Bridge Limited (Canada)
SCBLSingle Cavitation Bubble Luminescence
SCBLSun Community Bancorp Ltd
SCBLStandard Chartered Bank Ltd (India)
SCBLSemi Concentrated Black Liquor
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It is recorded that SCBL is the 6th largest bank in terms of its operating profits but the branches network is limited at 101 locations in 12 cities in the country, showing efficiency of the banking business as against to dissimilar banks of the states.
Donations can be directly deposited into The Mission to Seafarers bank account: Number 01-3981304-02 with the reference SWIFT SCBL AEAD.