SCBPPSouthern California Bight Pilot Project
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During the 1994 SCBPP, approximately 80% of the sites in Santa Monica Bay were enriched in three or more metals, especially Ag, Cd, and Cr (Schiff and Weisberg, 1999) that likely represented residual contamination from discontinued sludge discharges (Zeng and Venkatesan, 1999).
This is not surprising given that the SCBPP detected DDT in 89% of the SCB sediments during 1994 (Schiff et al., 2000), and Schiff and Weisberg (1999) concluded that 61% of SCB sediments contained elevated concentrations of one or more metals.
The first of these was the 1994 Southern California Bight Pilot Project (SCBPP), during which 114 mainland shelf sites were sampled (Allen et al.