SCCAORSanta Clara County Association of Realtors
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According to SCCAOR and its data partner MDA DataQuick, there are 25 percent more homes for sale in Santa Clara County in July 2010 then July 2009, and condominium and townhome inventory has shot up 43 percent - all opportunities for SCCAOR members.
Specifically, SCCAOR members can select MDA DataQuick PropertyFinder[R] 2G to search single or multiple properties with a diverse range of functions such as text, document, or Google map search.
Providing a cost effective data tool for obtaining complete, quality property information enables SCCAOR and its members to best serve the housing needs of Santa Clara County," said John Walsh, president of MDA DataQuick.
SCCAOR exists to meet the business, professional and political needs of its members and to promote, protect homeownership and private property rights.
It is an honor to speak at Beijing Homelink and to lead a group of SCCAOR members to China, where they can learn more about the people, history and culture of this rapidly changing country," Ramirez said.
We are delighted that SCCAOR will be coming to Beijing Homelink to lead a discussion about nuances that exist between the United States and China when it comes to the real estate industry," said Gene Shi, President of Beijing Homelink International Operations.
SCCAOR members will be one of the very first REALTOR associations to visit China.
discusses many of the great benefits that SCCAOR provides to its members, including education classes, free tech support, in-house video production, counseling, arbitration and mediation, and networking opportunities through the events the Association holds each year.
We are proud of the value we provide our members so to have an opportunity to share that with our peers was quite an honor," said SCCAOR CEO Neil Collins.
Javier Duarte, Media Production Coordinator at SCCAOR, who produced and edited the video, said, "Making short films requires a group effort.
Goss, who has been a real licensed agent and SCCAOR member for 21 years said, "I think it's important to give back to the community and SCCAOR for all they have done over the years.
Goss will provide input and guidance as to how he sees the market and help SCCAOR achieve its goals and fulfill its mission and vision.