SCCAPSanta Clara Community Action Program (California)
SCCAPSouth Central Community Action Partnership (Twinfalls, ID)
SCCAPSouth Central Community Action Program, Inc. (Bloomington, IN)
SCCAPSociety of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
SCCAPSchoharie County Community Action Program, Inc. (New York)
SCCAPSouthern California Council of Alumnae Panhellenics
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The SCCAP simplifies the application process for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance recipients who have no earned income and who live alone.
Building on its SCCAP experience, the state implemented an Elderly Simplified Application Project (ESAP) in 2004 that allowed people age 60 and over living on fixed incomes to apply for food stamps on a shorter form with less income documentation.
This draft list of college readiness reference standards was submitted to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, the SCCAP Steering Committee, and to additional faculty and administrators from South Carolina educational institutions, who were asked to review and comment on them.