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SCCESociety of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (Minnesota)
SCCESouthern Cross Cultural Exchange (Australia)
SCCESynchronized Cyclic Capillary Electrophoresis
SCCESatellite Configuration Control Element
SCCESerially-Concatenated Convolutional Encoder
SCCESouth Central Collaboration for Equity
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Moreover, the best way to minimize the effects of spilled oil is to prevent it from entering the water in the first place, which is why having a strong SCCE program in place is a critical part in reducing the impacts of a spill.
PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS, supra note 61, at 9 (finding that 34 percent of respondents report to the CEO, 27 percent to legal, 17 percent to the board, 8 percent to the CFO, 6 percent to the chief risk officer); SCCE & NYSE Report, supra note 109, at 11 (finding 38 percent of respondents report to the CEO, 20 percent to some other officer or entity, 19 percent to the board, 18 percent to the chief legal officer).
CCEP-I, SCCE Co-Chair, Vice President, Global Compliance, Jabii Circuit, Inc.
From an external or conjunctural point of view, the main business domains of the SCCE seem globally well protected from the ongoing crisis, and especially so on the French market, despite a small downturn as compared to last year, this market is indeed steadily increasing in 2012 (Biseul, 2012).
Application of topical corticosteroids to even normal skin induces the expression of protease SCCE mRNA and increases production of SCCE protein.
Allan Watkinson, Unilever, investigated the processing of pro-SCCE to the active desquamatory protease SCCE within the stratum corneum.
The daily resort fee includes the following: Internet Access (in Suite and Campus Wide at City Center), Local and toll-free number phone calls, Access to The Spa at ARIA Fitness Center, Daily newspaper and Airline Boarding Pass Printing When making your reservation via telephone, please reference the group SCCE 2015 National Conference to receive the special rate.
The role of the CCO is increasing in prominence as well; the SCCE study showed that one-third of CCOs report directly to the CEO in publicly traded companies.
If an unauthorized user tries to comprise data, or if the Cryptographic key is missing or incorrect, the SCCE will not decrypt the hard drive.
IEEE Proceedings of the 39th Hawaii International Conference on System Scces (ppags.