SCCFSanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (Sanibel, Florida)
SCCFSpecial Climate Change Fund (est. 2001; Global Environment Facility)
SCCFSolar Cell Calibration Facility (experiment; US NASA)
SCCFSide Car Club Francais (est. 1992; France)
SCCFService Center Control File
SCCFSanta Cruz County Fairgrounds (Watsonville, CA)
SCCFSecurity Clearance Case Files
SCCFSlot-Coupled Combline Filter
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The SCCF is not involved in the evaluation of projects and decision-making regarding projects, Linda Karlina from the SCCF informed The Baltic Times.
The SCCF is an independent state institution and the Ministry of Culture has no right to influence decisions made by experts of the foundation.
2016, after having received initial SCCF funding, changed its name from the Latvian Fashion Festival Fashion Manifestation to Latvian Fashion Week Fashion Manifestation as noted in the SCCF application lodged by Dita Danosa.
Instead, SCCF resources are to fund the 'additional costs of achieving sustainable development imposed on vulnerable countries by the impacts of climate change'.
The Adaptation Fund was originally established along with the LDCF and SCCF in 2001.
95 million) will come from the SCCF to implement the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change project in 13 PICs as well as a tourism sector adaptation project in Fiji.
In addition to restoring most of the 1,200 acres of land it owns on the island, SCCF has also worked to educate islanders about the threat posed by exotics and the urgency of removing these plants.
Furthermore, funding mechanisms such as SCCF and SPA-TF will need additional allocation and attention in order to feed into every technology transfer intervention area.
The SCCF, a special fund established by the UNFCCC, addresses the special needs of developing countries under the climate regime.
The GEF has financed, through the SCCF, a project that will implement measures to meet the anticipated consequences of the catastrophic glacier retreat induced by climate change.
MANDATORY PRE-BID MEETING: A meeting will be held Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 10:00 AM at the SCCF facility.
Thus, this assessment will consider all projects supported between 2012 and 2014 (whether on the SCCF funds or other partners).