SCCLRStanding Committee on Company Law Reform (Hong Kong)
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The coincidence of the timing between the decision to take RoAPs in a new direction (12th March 1943) and the offer of assistance to the SCCLR (16th March 1943) imply that the GASC resolved to initiate a change in the nature of RoAPs in response to the preparations being made at the BoT for a new inquiry into company law, that is, the formation of the Cohen Committee which had been in progress within the BoT since December 1942.
In accepting the offer of assistance from the GASC, the P&L Committee, as noted earlier, revived and reconstituted the SCCLR [Ms.
Fully aware of the BoT's determination to enhance significantly the level of statutory disclosure in the accounts of limited liability companies, the ICAEW's P&L Committee appointed a committee (the reconstituted SCCLR) responsible for drafting the memorandum for submission to Cohen comprising individuals who had (i) previously cooperated successfully with state officials on a range of issues and (ii) been identified by government officials as suitable accountants for appointment to the Cohen Committee.
the affiliation between the SCCLR and the GASC ensured that ReAPs 6-10 were consistent with the content of the submission to Cohen;
the Council, through the P&L Committee, maintained a firm grip on the work of the GASC, where industrial accountants were prominent, through the drafting responsibilities of three practitioners, Barton, Howitt and Kettle, who were also members of the SCCLR;
(7) Members of the SCCLR were: the Chairman of the P&L Committee (Sir Henry McAuliffe); President (Cutforth); Vice-President (R.
(17) It is likely that the pool of Council members from which the SCCLR could be selected was restricted by two factors: the need for them to possess appropriate technical skills; and, in wartime conditions, to be readily available to attend meetings in London.
(18) Among the membership of the SCCLR, Yeabsley, a partner in Hill, Vellacott & Co., appears, at first sight, to be the "odd man out", being on neither Council nor the P&L Committee and never serving as President of the ICAEW.