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The sclera is the ocular structure where ScCLs rest (mini and large scleral) while C-ScCLs rest partly on the cornea and partly on the sclera.
Table 6 summarizes the characteristics and results of some of the most relevant studies on KC management ScCLs.
When these CLs are not tolerable or the outcomes in vision are not enough to have a good quality of life, it is necessary to attend to another type of CLs such as PBCLs, HCLs, and ScCLs. PBCLs increase wearing time and improve vision and comfort but problems to handle two CLs and a high risk of hypoxia (Table 7) make them a nondefinitive system to use.
In these cases, mini ScCLs and large SsCLs are preferred since they provide a more stable vision and better tolerance.
Specifically, two are the main goals for C-ScCL and ScCL fitting in KC patients.