SCCPSSavannah-Chatham County Public Schools (Georgia)
SCCPSSociety for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology of Singapore (est. 1993; Singapore)
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Among various environmental matrices, water is the most important environmental sink for SCCPs by either direct emission or from sewage treatment systems [1, 8].
Over recent years, liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) [8, 9] and solid-phase extraction (SPE) [10-12] are widely used sample preparation techniques for the preconcentration of SCCPs from water samples.
(12.) SCCP's Opinion on Use of the Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) Approach for Human Safety Assessment of Chemical Substances with focus on Cosmetics and Consumer Products--June 2012 (SCCP/1171/08)
- Indoor: via air and dust contamination from materials in buildings, furnishings, packing materials, and electronic and electrical appliances containing PCBs, PBDEs, SCCPs.
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, SCCPs are used as lubricants and coolants in metal cutting and metal forming operations and as secondary plasticizers and flame retardants in plastics.
Dizon added that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has also categorized the phthalate DEHP and SCCPs as among the "Group 2B agents" or substances that are "possibly carcinogenic to humans."
Some emerging pollutants such as PBDEs, SCCPs, and PFCs have been proved to be global pollutants.
Generally, chemicals with high volatility and thermal stability such as PBDEs and SCCPs were usually detected by GC-MS", and those with high water solubility and/or polarity such as PFCs and HBCDs were analyzed by HPLC-MS [2].
Thus the points A ~ G are the SCCPs for the seven categories scheme.
Recognizing the need for minority teachers and desiring to address the teacher shortage, Savannah-Chatham County Public School District (SCCPS) entered into agreement with AASU in 1992 to release 30 to 40 paraprofessionals, with pay, one day per week for four years, so that they could complete their education program at AASU.
Box The emerging problem of synthetic cannabinoids Spice and other synthetic cannabinoid-containing products (SCCP) can lead to an array of psychiatric and physical symptoms (Table 2, page 68).
The European Commission decided on July 17 to postpone until December 20, 2003 the six-month deadline within which it must approve national measures governing the use of short-chain chlorinated paraffin (SCCP) which the Dutch authorities deemed necessary following the adoption in June 2002 of Directive 2002/45/EC on the sale and use of certain dangerous substances (amendment to Directive 76/69/EEC), and which were notified by the Netherlands in January 2003.