SCCURSouthern California Conference on Undergraduate Research
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Finally, SCCUR's board of directors has kept its goal of diverse participation in the foreground of its planning.
Various indicators suggest that SCCUR has mainly succeeded in making significant progress toward these objectives.
The Pepperdine survey offered other indications that SCCUR has provided particular benefits to the diverse mix of students that it serves, in part by arousing their enthusiasm in direct, tangible ways.
As SCCUR approaches its twentieth anniversary, it has become a Southern California institution.
More than once in its first decade SCCUR seemed dangerously close to failing to find an annual host, and its core supporters realized that the conference would have to institutionalize itself--to adopt a more business-oriented approach (one at first not entirely comfortable for a group composed mainly of academics)--in order to survive.
As SCCUR has become increasingly confident of its practices and future, and as the financial returns from conferences have created a small, but real, bank balance, the board is turning to two other major projects.
Further, the participation of members of minority groups in SCCUR is impressive, but still not fully reflective of Los Angeles' vital diversity.
In some ways SCCUR seems very much like any other multi-disciplinary undergraduate research conference--like NCUR, for instance, but on a smaller scale.
This paper was the result of extensive discussions between and among members of the SCCUR Board of Directors, all of whom (see for a listing of board members) have contributed greatly to the ongoing success of SCCUR.
He has a longstanding interest in undergraduate research in the humanities and has served twice as host coordinator for SCCUR conferences on the Occidental College campus.
She is a board member of SCCUR and a former president of the board.
In addition to her support and mentorship of undergraduate researchers at Whittier College, she is a founding board member of SCCUR and has hosted SCCUR on the Whittier campus twice.