SCCVISecure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative
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Until recently, it was the responsibility of either the ship's IAM or the CNDIDBA team to manually parse SCCVI results and determine which IAVs were ship's force fixable or unfixable patches.
To remedy this situation, SSC Pacific launched VRAM, in conjunction with the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center located in Monterey, Calif., to automate the manual parsing of the SCCVI results as well as establish a repository for the scan data.
VRAM enables the ship's IAM to track and monitor compliance with IAVs by removing the labor-intensive manual enduser process of cross-referencing SCCVI scan results with approved patches on the Naval Networks Web site.
To better understand the connection and synergy between SCCVI and VRAM, let us step through a typical vulnerability scan of a shipboard network running COMPOSE.
During the IAV audit, the scanner connects to each machine in the address group and compares the machine's installed patches with SCCVI's complete list of IAV patches.