SCCYService Canada Centre for Youth
SCCYSouthern Chester County YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; West Grove, PA)
SCCYSwanson Correctional Center for Youth (Louisiana)
SCCYSelect Committee on Children and Youth (Tennessee)
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Now thoroughly evolved, the SCCY CPX is a refined design still within the financial reach of the common man.
Caption: SCCY suffered some delays in production but the CPX-3 .380 ACP is finally available, and is very soft shooting.
Named for SCCY founder Joe Roebuck, the patent-pending Roebuck Quad-Lock system locks the barrel at four areas in the slide: the rear and front of the chamber plus two adjacent points at the front of the barrel.
This will release the trigger group or what SCCY calls the receiver.
SCCY says the trigger pull is about 9 lbs., but it actually feels lighter than this.
Cost Cutting How does SCCY offer a DAO pistol that costs a couple hundred dollars less than a comparable striker-fired pistol?
We also take a closer look at a few members of SCCY's ever-expanding 9mm family of pistols and celebrate the Taurus Judge's 10th anniversary.
It's the new CPX-3 from SCCY, makers of a very similar, but slightly larger SCCY pistol, the CPX-2.
Solid but svelte, the CPX-3 from SCCY Industries tops the choice prizes in this month's giveaway.
G&A TV offers an exclusive look at the new SCCY compact .380 for deep concealment and personal defense.
For this test, I ran with the tank and carried a thin semiauto, a SCCY semiauto in 9mm, in the holster.