SCCmecStaphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec
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We defined USA100 as any isolate identified as USA100 by PFGE or any isolate with 1) SCCmec type II and 2) either spa type t002 or MSLT type ST5.
Table 2 MICs (/MBCs) of Compounds 1/3 and antibiotics each used alone against 10 clinical MRSA strains of SCCmec III type ([micro]g/ml).
All MRSA isolates, confirmed by possession of the nuc and mecA genes by PCR and an identifiable SCCmec type (n = 236), were screened for PVL by PCR of the pvl gene according to Strommenger et al.
aureus (MSSA) strains more than HA-MRSA strains, that CA-MRSA strains may have originally been MSSA strains that acquired SCCmec elements and became methicillin-resistant (14).
Interestingly, HA-MRSA contains distinct SCCmec types, plasmids encoding resistance to various antibiotics, as well as heavy metal resistance elements (7).
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Rio de Janeiro hospitals: dissemination of the USA400/ST1 and USA800/ST5 SCCmec type IV and USA100/ST5 SCCmec type II lineages in a public institution and polyclonal presence in a private one.
Activity of ceftaroline-avibactam tested against gram-negative organism populations, including strains expressing one or more beta-lactamases and methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus carrying various SCCmec types.
Almost all of [the skin infections] (98%) carried the Pan-ton-Valentine leukocidin toxin gene and the SCCmec type IV gene.
MRSA strains (ten isolates with SCCmec III genotype) were obtained and characterized from the infectious sputum samples of critically ill patients in Kunming General Hospital (Kloos and Bannerman 1999; CLSI 2006a, 2007).
In the case of MRSA, they include methicillin-resistance gene, SCCmec [SCCmec I-III for HA-MRSA, and SCCmec IV, V, VI (rare) for CA-MRSA], of clone groups (USA 100, 200, or 500 for HA; USA300 or 400 for CA) and presence of virulence factors in CA-MRSA to explain toxicity.