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For the current study, we surveyed a sample of teacher educators in urban and rural SCDEs, and asked respondents to reply based on their preference for using a TS orientation or what we called a "single group focus" (SGF) orientation (e.g., teaching teacher candidates about students as discrete groups with unique needs).
As suck the term "professional development school" has been used to describe almost every form of "partnership" between P-12 schools and SCDEs. What is or is not a PDS has become something defined by the eye of the beholder.
SCDEs should hire faculty who have experience in teaching in culturally and racially diverse environments.
Many teacher educators in schools, colleges, and departments of education (SCDE's) have been expanding their views about how they might measure teacher competence and knowledge.
As the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education planned for NCATE 2000, revised accreditation standards for the school, college, department of education (SCDE) and focused on outcomes, constituent organizations were required to develop new standards.
Examining the characteristics of SCDEs provides a window into the complexities and contradictions of being part of a university, particularly a research university.
Consequently, TFA members lose little money--in fact, TFA members are eligible for US$1,000 to US$6,000 in no-interest loans and grants to cover expenses resulting from traveling to and from training as well as relocation (TFA, n.d.-i)--and time to lengthy preparation requirements, and remain unconnected to "burdensome" and ill-reputed SCDEs before obtaining paid teaching positions.
Educational reform movements past and present continue to scrutinize teacher preparation programs in SCDEs. The scrutiny of SCDEs gained momentum in 1983 following the National Commission on Excellence in Education's report, A Nation at Risk.
Thus, SCDEs should integrate technology as teaching and learning tools in all of their teacher education programs.
The purpose of the survey was to identify and describe the approaches schools, colleges, and departments (SCDEs) take to measure candidate outcomes.
Two major components of this crisis are shortages of available school leaders and preparation of school leaders by schools, colleges, and departments of education (SCDEs).
Various schools, colleges, and departments of education (SCDEs) have reported efforts to provide equipment to sites to ensure adequate technology access (Stetson & Bagwell, 1999), determine the technology attitudes of the cooperating teacher (Bosch & Cardinale, 1993), or organize technology equipment and services (Picciano, 199 Other research emphasized the impact of quality technical and instructional support on whether technology is used by teachers for their own professional work or by students in their classrooms (Ronnkvist, Dexter, & Anderson 2000).