SCDHSouthern California Dulcimer Heritage (Buena Park, CA)
SCDHStable Conduct Disordered-Hyperactive (behavior)
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Three slides of vlPAG, Gi, GiA + NRM, and SCDH were observed with 200x magnification and their locations were shown in Figure 3.
Phosphor-p38MAPK-IR cells were observed in the SCDH (Figure 8).
Our results showed CFA induced the increasing p-p38MAPK-IR cells in the PAG and RVM, rising to a peak during 1-3 h and then recovering back at 5-7 h after the injection of CFA, while the number of p-p38MAPK-IR cells in SCDH increased lasting for 73 h.
As activated p38MAPK in spinal and supraspinal sites promotes the production of inflammatory mediators, it is possible that activated p38MAPK in the PAG, RVM, and SCDH can increase descending pain facilitation.
[29] found that EA at ST36 and BL60 acupoints could reduce the numbers of p-p38MAPK-IR cells in SCDH in CFA rats, and it was consistent with the present study.
The number of p-p38MAPK-IR cells increased in PAG, RVM, and SCDH after CFA injection, while it reduced after EA application.