SCDSSpeed Control Deactivation Switch (Ford Motor Company)
SCDSSuperior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
SCDSSource Control Data Set (IBM mainframe storage management)
SCDSSnohomish County Dahlia Society (Washington)
SCDSStart Central Data System
SCDSSoil Column Disposal Site
SCDSSpace-Division Code Switch
SCDSStock Control and Distribution System
SCDSSpace Communication and Data Systems (US NASA)
SCDSScott Cornelius Design Studio (UK)
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In tests at Hitachi Works in Hitachi City, Japan, the manufacturing site for the SCDS; 3100 ppm of C5F8 were introduced into the SCDS system where it was reduced to less than 0.
The SCDS produces less waste and has a lower cost of ownership than any reclaim, combustion or chemical conversion methods currently available.
The Hitachi SCDS can remove or abate exhaust gases and materials from the semiconductor manufacturing process with high efficiency and contribute significantly to the semiconductor industry goals.