SCDSSpeed Control Deactivation Switch (Ford Motor Company)
SCDSSuperior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome
SCDSSource Control Data Set (IBM mainframe storage management)
SCDSSnohomish County Dahlia Society (Washington)
SCDSStart Central Data System
SCDSSoil Column Disposal Site
SCDSSpace-Division Code Switch
SCDSStock Control and Distribution System
SCDSSpace Communication and Data Systems (US NASA)
SCDSScott Cornelius Design Studio (UK)
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The Chief Executive has also appointed Ms Margaret Cheng Wai-ching, an incumbent member of the SCDS, as Chairman of the Police Sub-Committee of the SCDS for a term of one year from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.
The Government expresses gratitude and appreciation to retiring SCCS member Professor Suen Wing-chuen and former SCDS member Dr Raymond So Wai-man for their invaluable contributions to the work of the SCCS and the SCDS.
The SCDS advises the Chief Executive on issues relating to salaries and conditions of service of the disciplined services and is currently chaired by Ms Teresa Ko Yuk-yin.