SCDTScottish Cot Death Trust (UK)
SCDTSussex County Dog Training (UK)
SCDTSurrey Community Development Trust (UK)
SCDTSouthern California Dance Theatre (est. 1994)
SCDTSelf Care Deficit Theory (nursing)
SCDTSeattle Civic Dance Theatre (Seattle, WA)
SCDTSouth Coast Dog Training (California)
SCDTShetland Community Drugs Team (UK)
SCDTSouth Carolina Dance Theater
SCDTSpecial Contribution to Defence Tax
SCDTSingle Cut Drop Top (guitars)
SCDTStudents Could Do That
SCDTShort Contact Dithranol Therapy (dermatology)
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To improve spectrum efficiency, research [7]-[11] has shown that the spatially coupled technique applied to multiple access channels could improve spectrum efficiency, since the achievable transmission rate for spatially coupling data transmission (SCDT) approaches the capacity of the additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel by iterative bit estimation and interference cancellation, as shown in [7]-[8].
Both SCDT and LDPC codes can be represented by bipartite graphs, which motivated us to combine SCDT with LDPC codes in order to construct a joint sparse graph (JSG).
We consider that the SCDT is modulated by a superposition of L independent datastreams, which may be initiated by single or multiple users.
Domain Based Moral Education (DBME) is guided by an SCDT conceptual framework and informed by research findings.
The SCDt is based on the principle that sperm with fragmented DNA fails to produce the characteristic halo of dispersed DNA loops that are observed in sperm with nonfragmented DNA, following acid denaturation and removal of nuclear proteins.
In the present study, we evaluated the sperm DNA fragmentation measured by SCDt in male Japanese patients with infertility.
and c = sct + scnt + pc > scmt + scdt + scnt + pc ...
seem to mean by the four informational styles of counseling they include in their DCT and SCDT systems.
To be sure, REBT has not emphasized dialectic/systematic counseling or counselor's working to change the socio-political system as much as it is heavily encouraged in DCT and SCDT. Quite possibly, it and most other popular counseling procedures are relatively lax in this respect.
Donations for the equipment came from SCDT, Friends of Loch Lomond, Crianlarich Nursery Parent Group and customers at the Londis Crianlarich Store.
Trossachs andTeith councillor Martin Earl, who helped SCDT with the match funding, said:"I'd like to thank all those who have worked hard to have these improvements put in place.
The SCDTs (discussed above) also showed that Model II provided a statistically better fit to the data than does Model III.