SCDTSurrey Community Development Trust (UK)
SCDTSouthern California Dance Theatre (est. 1994)
SCDTShetland Community Drugs Team (UK)
SCDTShort Contact Dithranol Therapy (dermatology)
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The proceeds of the placing of the ZDP shares have been lent to SCDT under a loan agreement and the funds are managed in accordance with the investment policy of SCDT.
SCZ is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCDT which is a closed-ended investment company.
Small Companies ZDP PLC ("SCZ" or the "Company") was incorporated on 13 July 2012 as a wholly owned subsidiary of SCDT, together referred to as the "Group".
Due to the Company's dependence on SCDT to repay the loan and provide a contribution to meet the capital entitlement of the ZDP shareholders other risks faced by the Company are considered to be the same as for SCDT and these are defined in note 24 of SCDT's Annual Report.
235) particularly emphasize Freire's (1972) insistence on action and point out that DCT and SCDT put "an emphasis on action as well as treatment within multiple layers of reality.
imply that therapists using DCT and SCDT are more active-directive than other kinds of therapists; but, except for their socially-directed activity, they do not specifically indicate how they are active in the counseling processes.
that ensure that SCDT will not undertake certain actions in relation to
The Investment Manager is remunerated by SCDT and the amounts
suppliers, by way of SCDT, the Company aims to conduct itself
340 340 contribution from SCDT regarding the capital
the Company faces, are therefore, that SCDT would not have sufficient
April 2013 is contained in the Annual Report of SCDT.