SCDTScottish Cot Death Trust (UK)
SCDTSussex County Dog Training (UK)
SCDTSurrey Community Development Trust (UK)
SCDTSouthern California Dance Theatre (est. 1994)
SCDTSelf Care Deficit Theory (nursing)
SCDTSeattle Civic Dance Theatre (Seattle, WA)
SCDTSouth Coast Dog Training (California)
SCDTShetland Community Drugs Team (UK)
SCDTSpecial Contribution to Defence Tax
SCDTSouth Carolina Dance Theater
SCDTSingle Cut Drop Top (guitars)
SCDTStudents Could Do That
SCDTShort Contact Dithranol Therapy (dermatology)
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1 shows the transmitter block diagram of the SCDT system model.
Since both the SCDT and LDPC codes can be represented by a factor graph, a JSG can be constructed for SCDT and LDPC codes.
However, it usually contains cycles in single graphs such as LDPC codes and SCDT.
By comparison, the BER and BLER curves of turbo-structured joint demodulation and decoding based on JSG for SCDT are plotted in Fig.
Decoding thresholds for the joint sparse graph (JSG) for spatially coupling data transmission (SCDT), separated demodulation and decoding for SCDT, and the JSG for conventional structure (CONV), in which R = 3 and K = 6.
235) particularly emphasize Freire's (1972) insistence on action and point out that DCT and SCDT put "an emphasis on action as well as treatment within multiple layers of reality.
imply that therapists using DCT and SCDT are more active-directive than other kinds of therapists; but, except for their socially-directed activity, they do not specifically indicate how they are active in the counseling processes.
But since they have some 225 cells in their multicultural cube, let me consider the four main styles of DCT and SCDT and see how REBT fares in regards to them:
This present article is already long, but let me briefly mention one important point that may seriously interfere with the actual practice of comprehensive systems of counseling like DCT, SCDT, and also with REBT, as I have usually presented it.
Thus, even if the main aspects of DCT and SCDT were actively-directly taught to clients (as REBT is usually taught) they would have to devote much thinking, emoting, and behaving time to following their therapeutic procedures.
If so, how will the therapist's using DCT and SCDT, as well as those using the many-faceted methods of REBT, have the time to encourage their clients to effectively learn and practice the methods of these comprehensive systems of counseling?