SCE1Schwann Cell Enhancer 1
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(a): p value obtained from comparison of the groups who received phototherapy, Kruskal-Wallis test; (b): p value obtained from comparison of all groups, Kruskal-Wallis test; SCE1: Sibling Chromatid Exchange frequency, before phototherapy; SC[E.sub.2]: Sibling Chromatid Exchange frequency, after phototherapy; [T.sub.0]Bil: bilirubin value at the time of hospitalization; [T.sub.24]Bil: total bilirubin value 24 hours after hospitalization; [T.sub.R6] Bil: bilirubin value 6 hours after discontinuation of phototherapy; [DELTA]Bil: Hourly bilirubin reduction rate
The natural-gas price is [G.sub.1t] = CAISO's daily PGE2 gas index for Northern California and [G.sub.2t] = CAISO's daily SCE1 gas index for Southern California (CAISO, 2013).
It began as the Supply Chain Excellence (SCE) initiative, and progressed through SCE1 and SCE2, incorporating key principles from MRPII, the SCOR model, and Lean.