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She also imitates nature imitated: the arras, "obdurate Scean" (5), not only foils the bird with its representation of "ambient Sky" (7) but also shows "immitated Fowl" (8), further confusing the bird.
By neer resemblance See that Bird betray'd Who takes the well wrought Arras for a shade There hopes to pearch and with a chearfull Tune O're-passe the scortchings of the Sultry Noon But soon repuls'd by the obdurate Scean 5 How swift She turns bur turns alas!
It has been argued that the two words are an adjectival compound, and that the half-line should be translated ~he [the steward] gave to drink, brightly adorned'.(11) The expressioa scir-wered is related to sweglwered ~clothed in brightness' (of the sun) at Beowulf 606; scirmaeled ~brightly adorned' (of Jewish swords) at Judith 230; scean scirwerod ~it shone, brightly clad' (the Pillar of Fire in the wilderness) at Exodus 125; and scirwered ~clothed in radiaace' (of the dying saint) at Guthlac 1288.(12)