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To participate in TEEM, a school district or other lead agency voluntarily submits an application to the SCECD. If accepted, this lead agency must coordinate their pre-K services with local Head Start and other publicly and privately supported pre-K programs to implement the key components previously described.
Data sources for this study included semistructured interviews with key stakeholders across these school districts and the analysis of public documents about pre-K in Texas (e.g., TEA's pre-K guidelines, 2008), TEEM (e.g., TEA, 2010), and the SCECD's eCIRCLE online professional development program (CIRCLE, 2006) that were used by these pre-K programs.
This meant that all funding for the grant, including the hiring of the TEEM mentor, went through this school district, and thus, their superintendent and accounts manager were interviewed to understand the application and funding processes for the grant and the interactions that took place between these districts and the SCECD.