SCEFSouthern Conference Education Fund (est. 1946)
SCEFService Creation Environment Function
SCEFSan Carlos Educational Foundation (San Carlos, CA)
SCEFSasakawa Central Europe Fund (est. 1990)
SCEFSandhills Conductive Education Foundation (Pinehurst, NC)
SCEFSmall-Cell Elutriator Fraction
SCEFSelf-Consistent Electrostatic Field
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(vii) Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF) delivers non-IP data over the control plane and provides an abstract interface for the network services such as authentication, Access Control, or discovery.
When I was 19, the first full-time radical activist that I met was a SCEF worker.
Certainly, these processes helped to propel the implosion of SCEF and other progressive/radical organizations, and more detailed attention to this would give the reader a greater understanding of the complexity of left politics in these years.
SCEF (shear-compression-elongation-flex) comparative fatigue studies (ref.
Instead of leaving town, the Bradens took up posts as codirectors of the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF), an interracial organization dedicated to the freedom movement, with Anne also serving as editor of the Southern Patriot.
SCEF was a network of activists that sought to generate Southern support for desegregation.
The discussions are called the Students Current Events Forum ("SCEF").
In verse 32b they are ascribed a ruler, Sceaf, whose existence is implied in the prominent reference to Scyld Scefing (Scyld son of Scef [or Sceaf], 4a) at the start of Beowulf and who figures in the West Saxon royal genealogies as an ancestral king of that line.(71) Like the Angles, the Saxons, the Danes, the Myrgings, and the Swaefe, the Lombards are thus imagined as one of the tribes from whom the rulers and people of England could trace their descent.
After its parent's demise, the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF)--led by Dombrowski, ex-New Dealer Aubrey Williams, and later by important black activists such as Fred Shuttlesworth--made civil rights its single-issue focus and developed into a vital support group for the black freedom movement, a role that Reed does not explore in much depth.
Nixon, a leader of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and of the Montgomery boycott, joined with Carl Braden on a fundraising trip to Chicago for the Montgomery movement and the Southern Conference Education Fund (SCEF), a small anti-racist organization that Carl and his wife Anne Braden had recently joined as staff members.
The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) will participate in the 2nd Saudi Convention and Exhibition Forum (SCEF) to be held in Riyadh from Nov.
Undaunted, the Bradens plunged into the southern freedom movement of the mid-1950s taking shape farther south, going to work as Organizers for a biracial organization, the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF).