SCELCStatewide California Electronic Library Consortium (Los Angeles, CA)
SCELCSouthern California Electronic Library Consortium
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Like most other large consortia, SCELC is looking to mitigate risk by assigning multiple retention copies where feasible: "In an initial discussion, the SCELC Shared Print Working Group decided to retain a) all unique holdings (held in one library only); b) all copies, when there are holdings in two or three libraries only; c) three copies, in cases where there are more than three title holdings within the group retained at the three libraries whose copies have circulated the most.
Comparing pilot project holdings to all other SCELC libraries using OCLC data (and OCLC number match points).
13) Jane Burke and Rick Burke, "Shared Print Collection Assessment (Monographs): The Use Case from SCELC," accessed March 19, 2016, https://www.