SCEMSupply Chain Event Management
SCEMSuzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (motorcycles)
SCEMScanning Electron Microscope
SCEMScanning Confocal Electron Microscopy
SCEMSociété Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)
SCEMSedgwick County Emergency Management (Wichita, KS)
SCEMSurvivability Cost Estimating Model
SCEMScottish Christian Engaged in Mission (UK)
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Once the greatest possible level of visibility has been achieved, and this will differ greatly depending on the sophistication of the trading partners, the SCEM monitors and reports on any deviation from the original schedule.
Provided by the single systems, the master system receives the identification numbers for all orders and members that are in the supply chain and administers them in a database on the central SCEM Server.
By implementing Viewlocity's SCEM solutions, customers can dramatically increase supply chain efficiencies, balance inventory with demand and lower costs making better use of their assets,' says Dr Robert de Souza, chief knowledge officer at Viewlocity Ltd.
According to the AMR Research Report on Supply Chain Management, November 2000, "Business process workflow plays an important role in enabling exception management within SCEM and in allowing the five functional areas (monitor, notify, simulate, control, and measurement) to play together.
We view the news as moderately positive for SCEM and Iskitimcement, as the deal would allow SCEM to expand its market share in the Sibirsky region from the current 49.
SCEM applications vary by industry, business environment and organizational requirements.
The successful Australian SCEM implementation has formed the basis for a strong relationship between the two companies and we are pleased to have them as a global customer," said Peter Klein, vice president of Viewlocity Europe.
Planar selected Viewlocity based on the solution's robust functionality and ability to deliver a complete SCEM solution quickly.
According to Mark Johnson, Viewlocity's vice president of product marketing: "The value inherent in this application goes well beyond the boundaries of traditional SCEM.
Edwards SCEM provides customers and suppliers with access to the PDP applications and supply plans via the Internet.
According to Michael Sherman, Viewlocity's Chief Technology Officer, the enhancements were developed in direct response to customer needs and represent a major step forward for the SCEM category.