SCEMSolid Carbide End Mill (tool)
SCEMSupply Chain Event Management
SCEMSuzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (motorcycles)
SCEMScanning Electron Microscope
SCEMScanning Confocal Electron Microscopy
SCEMSociété Canadienne des Éleveurs de Moutons (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)
SCEMSedgwick County Emergency Management (Wichita, KS)
SCEMScottish Christian Engaged in Mission (UK)
SCEMSurvivability Cost Estimating Model
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SCEM is a business strategy that companies will adopt to interact with customers through social media to get their continuous feedback about products and services.
- Debt and interest payments: SCEM recorded a 15% YoY increase in net debt which amounted to RUB6.4bn as of YE11.
Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) can be applied to any commodity, any customer, any business process, or as far down to any data field that we can consistently capture and store.
"SCEM is still very much in the beginning stages in terms of the development of programs and its implementation within the grocery supply chain," says James Tipton, senior vice president of Indianapolis-based Supply Chain Strategies.
The developed SCEM Client modules can be integrated in pre-existing subsystems of the supply chain members and can be connected to the master cockpit via internet (Fig.
Second, does this platform incorporate supply chain-event management (SCEM) functions?
In particular, RFID, supply chain event management (SCEM), and demand-planning software are prominent components of their investment plan for 2005.
Supply chain event management systems (SCEM) is one of the most recently developed supply chain applications (developed two years ago) that improve a company's ability to share information across departments or firm boundaries (Morphy 2002).
New a new microscope created by Nester Zaluzec at Argonne National Laboratory, Ill., has combined the benefits of these systems and created the Scanning Confocal Electron Microcope (SCEM).
Viewlocity will now focus on its supply chain event management (SCEM) product TradeSync, while Sopra, which has its own integration broker technology, intends to expand its activities into the business-to-business application integration area.
With over 3,500 installations, the firm is one of the only SCEM providers that can seamlessly integrate a company with its suppliers, customers, logistics service providers or other trading communities.