SCENARSelf Controlled Energo-Neuro-Adaptive Regulator (electrotherapy)
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Neuro Energy Development Corporation has just introduced its STAR 400 Systemic Treatment Adaptive Regulator, a hand-held, non-invasive biofeedback-controlled electro-stimulator which utilizes SCENAR technology and sends low nine-volt electrical signals to the brain by way of the nerves to stimulate the brain to activate the body's own healing resources.
Founded in 2002 by investors in the US, health professionals from England and scientists from Russia, the company markets and supports SCENAR hand-held diagnostic and treatment devices.
NEDC is the US supplier of SCENAR medical treatment products, handheld devices originally developed for the Russian space program but now widely used throughout Europe for the treatment of a wide range of physical pains, ailments and diseases.
Testimonials abound, like this one from a Montana hunter: "I've been running 155-grain Scenars at 2,980 fps .
It uses a blueprinted Remington action and Broughton 5C barrel chambered by Robert Gradous Rifles and loaded with 139-grain Lapua Scenars in Remington brass in front of 46.
Many hunters have long used Sierra MatchKings (despite discouragement from Sierra), but today quite a few also use Lapua Scenars and Berger VLDs.