SCENIHRScientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (European Commission)
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Members of SCENIHR said large-head (large diameter) MoM implants, in particular, pose the highest risk of provoking undesirable reactions in patients.
The SCENIHR report has the twin merits of scientific objectivity and freshness of research.
SCENIHR addresses the attractiveness of tobacco products issue and says it may be increased by some additives "but is also influenced by external factors such as marketing, price etc.
European Commission officials (who will draft and propose changes to the directive for consideration by the council and the European Parliament) also agreed that any legislation that could arise out of the SCENIHR report would be subsumed into the TPD revision and thus take the form of a directive which binds the EU member countries to action but allows them to do so according to their own national laws.
The SCENIHR is also requested to examine new scientific evidence and adopt an opinion on the impact of the risk of transmission of WNV through blood transfusion from infected donors beyond the current deferral period for 4 weeks.
A real problem for the public health aspect is that we have really insufficient knowledge about the actual exposure [to UV radiation]," says Mattsson, who chaired the SCENIHR in 2012.
The SCENIHR report concluded that smokeless tobacco products (STPs) contain carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines, albeit at differing levels.
those that use the most appropriate dose metrics rather than typical mass) that will be unique to nanotechnology (National Academy of Engineering 2004; SCENIHR 2005).
The evidence base pertaining to nanotechnology hazards and controls has been reviewed in various publications (Hett 2004; Maynard and Kuempel 2005; National Academy of Engineering 2004; NIOSH, 2006; Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering 2004; SCENIHR 2005) and is summarized in Table 2 by four categories of knowledge described in terms of hazards and controls and awareness.