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SCERTSystems & Computer Evaluation & Review Technique
SCERTState Council of Educational Research and Training (India)
SCERTSocial Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support (autism)
SCERTSynergistic Contingency Evaluation and Response Technique
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Identification of existing Open Educational Resources (OERs) that can beused to fulfil some of the requirementsof the content briefs developed with the SCERT and description of theadaptation needed touse these OERs in the D.
Deliver to SCERT a fullset of Microsoft Word documents containing the re-designed print materials, together with a flash drive contained both uncompressedand compressed versions of all images designed for the materials.
Tenders are invited for Security Services in SCERT and DIETs Delhi
Dr Barry Prizant presented the audience of professionals, government employees and caregivers with aspects of the SCERTS model developed by himself and a team of three other specialists.