SCF2Two-Electron Self-Consistent Field
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SCF2 pointed out, however, that the energy performance coefficient was still fairly low and easy to achieve, thus sometimes hurting business as well.
Nevertheless, two firms (SCF2 and REF3) stated that they do not pursue political activities on an individual basis.
Table 1 Summary of Case Characteristics Founding Number of Case date employees Informant REF1 2006 20 Project manager REF2 2009 6 General manager REF3 2009 6 Owner/General manager REF4 2008 9 Owner/General manager SCF1 2009 10 General manager/ Associate partner SCF2 2009 5 Owner EMF1 2009 25 Project manager EMF2 2010 3 Owner/General manager EMF3 2007 6 General manager Case Main line of business REF1 Project developer for renewable energy solutions in collective housing projects that installs renewable energy technologies, from heat pumps to solar panels.