SCFAITStanding Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade (US)
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While the Government Response rejected many of the recommendations in the SCFAIT Report, it did embrace with enthusiasm the idea of holding a multi-stakeholder public consultation on the problems of Canadian mining companies operating in developing countries.
The SCFAIT Report received all party unanimous support at the subcommittee level and was unanimously adopted by the SCFAIT.
GOVERNMENT RESPONSE, supra note 11, at 4; SCFAIT REPORT, supra note 5, at 2.
Compare SCFAIT REPORT, supra note 5 (supporting home state measures to ensure legal accountability but making no mention of extraterritoriality), with GOVERNMENT RESPONSE, supra note 11, at 9-10 (opposing additional measures of legal accountability and framing the analysis in terms of extraterritoriality).
The SCFAIT also recommended that the government "work consistently to reduce the political legitimacy and value of nuclear weapons" as a means of contributing to their reduction and eventual elimination.
The call to de-alert nuclear forces, which the SCFAIT also strongly advocated, was accepted by the government, which announced that it "supports the concept of de-alerting and other measures which contribute to the safety and security of nuclear arsenals and the stability of U.
It also declined to comment on the suggestion, recommended by the SCFAIT, that the other Nuclear Weapon States and nuclear-weapons-capable states be brought into a de-alerting agreement.
It was apparently for this reason that neither the SCFAIT nor the government was willing to formally embrace the suggestion.
The anti-nuclear movement and the SCFAIT both proposed that Canada could pursue its nuclear disarmament goals more effectively if it worked in concert with like-minded states such as the members of the New Agenda Coalition and reform-minded members of NATO.
Canada's Ambassador for Disarmament, Mark Moher, explained that Canada abstained in order not to pre-empt the report of the SCFAIT review, but he added that Canada shares the resolution's premise that there is an urgent need for more progress on nuclear disarmament and that, without such progress, the nuclear non-proliferation regime will continue to be "under severe strain.
The SCFAIT report is likely to encourage Ottawa to stay the course, and the new German government has raised expectation that it will fight to have a nuclear no-first-use commitment enshrined within the new NATO "strategic concept" scheduled to be adopted at the April 1999 summit.
In Canada, member organizations of the Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (CNANW) have kept up a steady stream of informed dialogue with government officials, the Minister's office, and the members of SCFAIT.