SCFBSouth Carolina Farm Bureau (Columbia, SC)
SCFBStandard Chartered First Bank (South Korea)
SCFBStandard Cubic Feet per Barrel
SCFBStatistical Cipher Feedback
SCFBSwiss Cheese for Brains (slang)
SCFBSoft-Competition Basis Function (neural networks)
SCFBStudiecentrum Financiele Branche (Dutch: Financial Industry Study Center)
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The SCFB enforcement decree revisions provide the standards and legal basis for SCFB companies.
Household loans by SCFB companies are, for instance, prohibited from exceeding the line of credit allowed for such legislated services as facilities leasing business, installment financing, accounts receivable factoring and commercial bill discounting.
SCFB companies (5 of 42) that do not currently meet the abovementioned standards will have until 2008 to come into compliance.
In November, Teradata announced that SCFB was one of its Market Leader Award winners for highly effective CRM programs by Teradata customers.
ISO HomeValue provides us value well beyond its primary function of estimating replacement costs," said David Wylie, vice president of underwriting at SCFB Mutual.
For the SCFB Mutual policyholder or insurance applicant, the use of ISO HomeValue means a local Farm Bureau Insurance agent can quickly and reliably determine a home's replacement value.