SCFIShanghai Containerized Freight Index (Shanghai, China)
SCFISociety for the Confluence of Festivals in India
SCFIStanding Committee on Financial Innovation (various organizations)
SCFISkelmersdale Community Food Initiative (UK)
SCFIStronach Centre for Innovation (Canada)
SCFISupercritical Fluids International (Ireland)
SCFISpruce Creek Fly-in (Daytona Beach, FL)
SCFISea-River and Coaster Freight Rate Index (shipping)
SCFISun Country Forensics Institute (Utah)
SCFIStreptococcal Chemotactic Factor Inactivator
SCFISecurite Consultation Formation Informatique (French: Security Consultation Computer Training)
SCFIStrait Crossing Finance Inc. (Canada)
SCFISave the Children Fund International (est. 1920)
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SCFI said the 41-hectare estate on Legazpi Boulevard can comfortably accommodate more than 50,000 families.
According to SCFI, the 41-hectare estate along Legazpi Boulevard can comfortably accommodate more than 50,000 families.
Since the acquisition, SCFi has operated as a division of Branch Banking and Trust Company and will remain so.
In London, the SCFI took an interest in famine relief in mid-August, two or three weeks before Malone approached Noel-Buxton with a proposal to establish a coordinated British humanitarian famine relief effort.
(SCFI), which was established as a special purpose Crown corporation of New Brunswick.
He enjoys television (his favorites include the British scfi series "Black Mirror") and reading comic books (favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, among many others).
Se conservo la muestra congelada para medir la concentracion de nitrogeno, fosforo y solidos suspendidos totales de acuerdo a los lineamientos de las normas oficiales mexicanas (NXM-AA-094 SCFI, 1985; NMX-AA-024 SCFI, 2001 y NMX-AA-034 SCFI, 2001).